"I am a third generation CFOer.  My family has been coming to this camp since it’s foundation. And now I feel so blessed to bring my own children to CFO, year after year, just as my parents did for me.   I gave my life to Christ here, I met the Holy Spirit here, I’ve found peace and rest for my soul here.   I come for the fellowship, the friendship, and the family that I’ve come to know and love as brothers and sisters in Christ.  We spend a week together--praying for one another, learning and growing together, sharing our stories, discovering the very best of who we are in Jesus, while at the same time carrying our heaviest burdens to the cross and leaving them there.    I come home refreshed, with a renewed sense of who I am in Christ and in the Kingdom of God.   I would never miss it.  It is the cornerstone of my year."

- Cheryl (44 years old) 3rd generation CFO camper

“Shrine Mont CFO is a place my family and I look forward to visiting every summer. For us, it is a time and place set apart. We look forward to reconnecting with friendships and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings but most of all to listening to the holy spirit and growing in our love of the Lord. I cannot put into words the magic and joy that this place, and the people in it, have brought into our lives.”

- Elisa

"Shrine Mont CFO to me has always been an open-source, curated space where we can peek beyond the veil and see just a bit more than we did yesterday; to experience the awe and wonder of God and ourselves in the ordinary of today, and realize that everything that exists is beloved by God and is therefore benevolent. It is a place to grasp the whispers of the Trinity in the quiet of the wilderness; to draw away from the busy distractions of the day and be refreshed, renewed, and transformed — invited into the very flow of the way life ought to be lived, a different creed for a good humanity. Glenn Clark's vision for CFO has created a basis of a new culture that we can jump off from and build into our own life and community, and through which we can establish holistic inner and societal holism." 

- Stephen (28)