Shrine Mont CFO is a place apart from the routine of everyday life where we practice the presence of the living God in community. Camps Farthest Out refers to Christian gatherings in locations in the United States and Canada, and through CFO International, in countries throughout the world.

As our founder Glenn Clark described it, "Camps Farthest Out are dedicated to the purpose of discovering the wholeness of that abundant life which Christ promised - that life which is our rightful heritage whenever we dedicate our body, mind and soul completely to God in play, work and worship." CFO can best be characterized as a spiritual training ground, a time to practice experiencing the presence of Jesus, the love of the Father, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Campers have the opportunity to ask God to lead them in times of creative expression, giving the Holy Spirit the chance to minister to us.

Our camp promotes a lifestyle of prayer rooted in the Trinity, passing on spiritual heritage to the next generation, and growing together as we experience the fullness of Christ's love.  In the rush and stress of the world today, our camp aims to create a safe place where campers can come together in the quiet spaces of God's creation and hear His voice. We joyfully extend an invitation to you to join us in discovering the presence and kingdom of God together.


Our Story

Founded in 1952 by Glenn Clark, Shrine Mont CFO ("Camps Farthest Out") is one of many national and international camps held throughout the year. Our camp is blessed to have both new and returning families returning year after year, passing on their love of Shrine Mont CFO to their children. 

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Shrine Mont CFO camp lasts for one week, with each day following a similar schedule that is much like breathing in and breathing out. We actively participate each day by the circular flow of giving and receiving. Experience it for yourself by watching the video above & learning more through the link below.

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Where We Meet

Nestled among the trees at the foot of Great North Mountain in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Shrine Mont in Orkney Springs is a serene place of peace, healing and rest. It is in these cabins and porches and in the outdoor shrine that we experience anew the presence of the Divine.

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