Our Story


Glenn Clark, the founder of CFO, was a man who understood the power of prayer and Kingdom living through personal experience. When he shared his dynamic faith in God, the dream of Camps Farthest Out was birthed. The first CFO camp was held in 1930 at Lake Koronis, Minnesota.

CFO camps are interdenominational events characterized as a spiritual training ground for followers of Christ. They are a time set apart from the routine of everyday life for people to experience inner transformation and kingdom living with others.

Glenn Clark's original purpose for going farther out was nurtured by his evaluation of the changing times during the Industrial Revolution. He saw a need to provide opportunities for people to come away from the distractions of everyday city life and encounter relationship with the Trinity and with their brothers and sisters of faith in quiet, natural spaces. Returning home with a new-found freedom of spiritual expression, transformed participants would impact their families and community.

Our CFO camp was started in 1952 and was designed to be a family camp, with the vision for families to pass their love of Christ to future generations. We are a fun, passionate, and lively group who love our Father God, walk with Christ, and grow in communion with the Holy Spirit. We desire to grow together and foster a deeper relationship among all ages and ethnicities.

Please join us for a creative, transformational, and spirit-filled week to pursue a deepened faith and learn to practice Kingdom-of-God living in community.



Affiliated Organizations 

Shrine Mont CFO is part of a network of Camps Farthest Out events. Learn more about these affiliated organizations:

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CFO International

United Prayer Tower


"This is the goal of all true prayer... to make the ‘stretching’ of our mind to see God a continuous habit all throughout the day... to make the deep breathing of the soul a steady automatic habit of the subconscious. This is in accord with the Apostle Paul’s admonition, 'pray without ceasing.'" 

- Glenn Clark, ‘The Soul’s Sincere Desire’