The CFO day is designed to reinforce the metaphor of  breathing in and breathing out, with times for listening balanced with times for expression. Each day offers you the chance to stretch your faith in new ways.

7:00am  |  Rising Bell

7:30am  |  Morning Meditation

8:00am  |  Breakfast

9:15am  |  Praise & Worship

9:30am  |  Morning Talk

10:30am  |  Rhythms

11:15am  |  Creatives

12:30pm  |  Lunch

1:30pm  |   Quiet Time

2:30pm |   Recreation

4:00pm  |  Prayer Groups

5:30pm   |  Dinner

6:45pm   |  Praise & Worship

7:30pm   |  Evening Talk

9:30pm   |  Fellowship



Morning Meditation: Turning inward to God, the Shrine is the perfect setting to quietly reflect on God's beauty.


Rhythms: Also known as Devotion In Motion, this is a unique experience, blending dance, exercise, and worship.          


Quiet Time: Sometimes called, "Horizontal Hour" this time is set aside for rest and reflection. 


Morning & Evening Talks: Our prayerfully selected speakers share stories of Christ in their lives. 


Creatives: We believe everyone was made to create. Each day, campers can choose among art, music, drama, writing, or movement.     


Prayer Group: Considered the heart of camp, participants gather to center their hearts and minds on Christ, as they support one another in prayer.


Special Services & Events


The Prayer Vigil and Night of Silence are observed following the evening talk on Tuesday (8:45 pm ) through the call to breakfast on Wednesday. 

The North Mountain Hike is an optional break from routine on Wednesday. This is a fairly strenuous hike, not a stroll through the park. The group departs shortly after 10:30 am and returns by about 2:30 pm. 

The Healing Service follows the talk on Wednesday evening. Our prayer teams will be available to pray with and for you, whether your needs are physical, emotional, spiritual or relational.

The Prayer Broadcast in the Pavilion follows a shortened Rhythms period on Friday morning. We'll be led in a call to pray for people of all nations and faiths around the world.

The Blessing Service follows the talk on Friday evening. All campers, young and old, will assemble for empowerment by our Lord through the Holy Spirit.

Sharing is the final event of camp. We gather in Rec Hall on Saturday morning, and everyone is given the opportunity to briefly share a personal reflection or story from the week.