CFO Camp 2019


Sunday June 30th - Saturday July 6th



Don & Ruth Johnson

Don & Ruth Johnson pastored together for 25 years. They are now working with pastors in Montana, and North & South Dakota.  They first became acquainted with CFO 46 years ago and fell in love with it. Their children grew up attending camps and are now leaders in CFO.  The Lord has given Don and Ruth a love for people who are hurting and a passion for them to know the healing that comes from an intimate relationship with him. They have faced many trials and situations that have pressed them into seeking God’s presence. Jesus has become their best friend. They will share from their hearts the adventures in kingdom living the Lord has led them through and the lessons they have lived through prayer. You will find yourself laughing and crying with them as you identify with their stories. They will impart a deep and abiding faith and peace, and will inspire you with their prayer experiences.  They have spoken all over the US, Canada and Central America at various retreats, seminars, conferences, and camps, including CFO.




Doug Kellogg and Jessie Biggs have partnered in leading worship for several years. Through Shrine Mont, they were blessed with the opportunity to be mentored by worship leader and vocalist Ron Hendrix until finally being “loosed” into leadership at the 2017 CFO camp. They also lead worship together at monthly gatherings through “Oasis,” a healing prayer center located in Lynchburg, VA.

Their hearts are to be a part of “worship that releases healing, and healing that releases worship” as groups of Christ-followers come together to adore the Lord.



Art: Steve Garvis

Music: TBA

Writing: Beverly White

Drama: David Peyton

Movement: Lauren Stonestreet & Michael Villalobos