Glenn Clark

The World was ready for prayer and God used a man who believed with all his heart and mind in the power of prayer to change mankind and therefore the world. Glenn Clark was a channel for carrying the Water of Life, through the Camps Farthest Out, to the spiritually thirsty of the land.   

He was a dreamer of vast dreams that came true and he plucked ideas out of the very hat of heaven. For thirty years he was a professor of literature and athletic coach at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, where a Department of Creative Living was established for him. He was possessed of a soul's sincere desire to know God experientially and not by hearsay, and this kept him seeking for a pattern by which this could be accomplished for himself and others. the Camps Farthest Out movement is the result of that drive.

In 1942 he resigned from his position at the College to give all his time to helping others discover this integration of body, mind and spirit in God. In 1956 he resigned his position as Director of the Camps Farthest Out, and two months later stepped into the heavenly world and still larger service. But before leaving, he worked with members of the Camps in organizing the National Association of Camps Farthest Out of North America, subsequently shortened to the present name, Association of Camps Farthest Out Inc.

Layman, author, professor, coach, Christian mystic, man of prayer and faith - Glenn Clark believed that men and women could become "Athletes of the Spirits" His dedication to that attainment has provided him with a lasting monument, and us with a viable and unique training ground - Camps Farthest Out.

Glenn Clark's life is best described as "a continuous quest for spiritual power.... He believed in God's great creative power from which flowed the fruits of the spirit; he believed in prayer as the most creative means of communing with God. Not only did he believe, but he could and did teach these lessons to thousands of others."

As one of the most widely published authors on the life of prayer in this century and founder of the "Camps Farthest Out" movement, Glenn Clark has left an unforgettable mark on the spiritual life of our day.

He has influenced all kinds of people - the sick at heart, the discouraged, the unchurched, and those who were angry at the church. Through such books as The Soul's Sincere Desire, I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, and more than fifty others, Glenn Clark enriched the lives of millions.

From: Glenn Clark His Life and Writings...
 by Miles Clark