About Us

Camps Farthest Out are Christian gatherings in various locations in the United States and Canada and-through our fellow organism, CFO International, in countries throughout the world. But more essential than that, CFO can best be characterized as a spiritual training ground, a time apart from the turmoil of everyday life to practice while experiencing the warm presence of Jesus, the love of the Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We invite our campers to enter the kindergarten of creativity, and to discover all the joyous opportunities for Christian spiritual expression. The highest art of life is a living prayer. Glenn Clark, the founder of CFO, was a man who knew the power of prayer through personal experience. When he sought to share his dynamic faith in God, the dream of the Camps Farthest Out became a reality. In 1930 the first CFO camp was held at Lake Koronis, MN. There are now well over a hundred camps in North America and around the world. As our founder, Glenn Clark, described it, "The Camps Farthest Out are dedicated to the purpose of discovering the wholeness of that abundant life which Christ promised, that life which is our rightful heritage whenever we dedicate our body, mind and soul completely to God through play, work and worship. We invite our Campers to enter the kindergarten of creativity and discover all the joyous opportunities for normal spiritual expression...the highest art of life is a living prayer."  Prayer is the foundation of the CFO experience; silent prayer, spoken prayer, individual prayer, group prayer. Because we have learned that God truly answers prayer, we take our concerns to Him readily and with confidence. "Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and He will direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3:6) It was Glenn Clark's experience that to give oneself utterly to belief in that promise eliminates self-consciousness, selfishness and worry. He felt that if the intention of his actions was right, he could do anything, leaving the outcome entirely in God's hands. The result was greater happiness, health, power for work, enjoyment in play, and an influence for good upon others-more than he had ever known, all because he had learned true communion with God. It is those fruits we too seek, and often find, through prayer. In effect, then, CFO emphasizes helping Christians to experience the love of God and to express their love for Jesus through the many ways a Camp program provides. CFO is centered in prayer and dedicated to the extension of God's love to every Camper in attendance. Privacy is respected, oneness in spirit encouraged and sharing abundant. Then, each person is inspired to return to his home to live his renewed faith and to take his place in God's Divine Plan of health, joy, and effectiveness.